Limited councelling at the legal department Limited councelling at the legal department

On Wednesday the 17th of January will be councelling at the legal department available only untill 12 am. Thank you for your understanding.

Annual SIMI Report 2016 Annual SIMI Report 2016

We didn´t dawdle in 2016. In addition to consulting, we also focused on the current topic of migration and worked with general public. We shot the documentary film Women Next Door about refugees from former Yugoslavia, we talked and did workshops in schools and organized multicultural events and intercultural meetings for the public. Photographs from documentary filming and the final Crossing borders evening, which featured migrant attendees, blend our annual report. Great thanks go to Martin Málek again for his excellent graphic design and, of course, to the entire SIMI team for the uninterrupted energy, time, skills and devotion they had for SIMI that year.


Attention migrants!!! Attention migrants!!!

The amendment of the Law on Foreigners will come to effect. It brings both negative and positive changes for some of you. The cruicial changes concerns mainly:

  • family members of Czech nationals planning to apply for the status
  • migrants planning to change their purpose of stay based on business
  • migrants with tolerated stay visa planning to change their purpose of stay
  • adult children of migrants with permanent residency planning to apply for permanent residency





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